James Fox

Other Services

  • Psychotherapy / Grief Counselling

There are many reasons you might consider psychotherapy. You might be suffering from depression, anxiety or intrusive thought patterns and need some professional support. You may be experiencing grief or have suffered a trauma that you are finding it difficult to make sense of. You might be concerned that your relationship with alcohol or drugs has gone beyond recreational. Maybe you have had a boundless experience that you are struggling to make sense of, or finding it difficult to come back from. Perhaps, you are struggling with LGBTQ+ related issues or concerns or around gender identity. Maybe you are feeling that something is missing in your life or are lacking purpose. Maybe the pandemic and its restrictions have forced you inward.

As a therapist, I aim to provide a safe space where you are free to be your complete self and free from the restrictions of other peoples’ expectations of you. Together we can explore the relationship your presenting issues have with your past, your future and your present; free from judgement, expectation and at your own pace. Come as you are.

I trained to be a therapist in Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre and received a Msc from the University of Northampton. I work primarily from a humanistic and integrative perspective and draw on elements from Jungian psychology, existentialism and gestalt. I am also pre-accreditted associate member of I.A.H.I.P.

I am passionate about creativity, having worked as a professional artist and musician for most of my adult life. I am fascinated by humans beings’ ability to create meaning from adversity and our inherent tendency towards growth. Psychotherapy is a creative process to me and embodies that movement.


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