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I am a qualified Reiki Therapist @sironareiki and am registered with the Reiki Federation of Ireland www.reikifederationofireland.com and am fully insured to practice. I have a practice from my home @sironariiki on the Blessington Lakes and also work from Naas Holistic Centre and the Avon Holistic Centre by appointment.

For those of you who might have heard of Reiki but are not really sure what it is, let me give you an introduction to this Energy Healing:

Reiki is an ancient, non intrusive complementary therapy. A hands on healing technique that enhances the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. We all have an energy field known as an ‘aura’ that surrounds our physical body. As we go through life there are demands placed on our bodies leading to stress, anxiety, and physical pain to name but a few, Reiki will balance the energy centres in out body releasing all blockages that can manifest within our body leaving you feeling energised, relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reiki is used throughout the world and has been gathering much momentum as an alternative healing therapy and for the purpose of pre wedding jitters, Reiki will leave the bride and her bridal party feeling relaxed and ready for their big day ahead.

About me.

My name is Karen Russell and my healing practice is called Sironareiki, and I now offer sessions in Lake Shore Wellness Centre.  I am a fully qualified Reiki Therapist and Energy Healer.  Reiki is my passion and I have seen the benefits of this treatment first hand.  I truly believe that I can help you through unblocking your energy centres known as Chakras.

My background is in Child Protection and I am a qualified Social Care Leader with.  Over 25 years experience so caring is what I do! Life can be demanding and stressful and believe me I understand this. Reiki can help realign all of your energy centres providing you with a much needed boost.

I hope you will try this alternative treatment and let the experience speak for itself.

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