22-23 October Visionary Art Weekend Workshop with Malindi Lovegrove


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Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd October 9.30am-5.30pm
Visionary Art Weekend Workshop with Austrailian guest facilitator Malindi Lovegrove – integrating the feminine power of creative chaos with the masculine energy of technique and structure.
Learn to paint from your soul’s vision.
We are all artists, we all have visions to communicate to the world and to ourselves. Art is the language of the soul.
These visions come from the silent part of ourselves, and to be in touch with them we need two things: we need a clear channel within ourselves free from blocks and fears, and we need skill and techniques in painting.
This course will help you to develop both of these aspects of your inner artist.
We will learn two different kinds of painting – one which is rooted in feminine chaos and creation where anything goes, we are free to express deeply and paint through any blocks which may arise, visions come through like magic as though we are having a conversation with the universe through our paintbrush. We tap into our intuition. We release our blocks and fears.
The second aspect is rooted in the masculine or left-brain aspect of ourselves, where we learn composition, structure and techniques handed down for centuries from master to student that allow us to render our visions in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Ultimately these two techniques combine into a seamless flow of our feminine and masculine, right and left brain, where we paint with purpose and control yet are open to intuition and spontaneity.
This process will be supported with deep meditations, breath work and profound processes for mastering the mind and emotions.
Workshop Facilitator:
Malindi Lovegrove is a Visionary Artist, Yogi and Intuitive. She has been dedicated to breath work, meditation and yogic practice for over 20 years, and has taught breath work and yoga in the UK, Tanzania, South Africa and Australia. She has taught in prisons, universities, rural remote villages and slums.
Malindi comes from a lineage of artists and has been drawing and painting since she was a child. She stopped painting at age 20 when her childhood trauma became so present she was compelled to enter a long period of deep personal inner work and healing through yogic practices and, later, plant medicines.
On this healing journey she was guided back to painting and started receiving intuitive visions for herself and others. She found that painting was a powerful way to connect with Spirit, to heal trauma and to express the deep mysteries of life.  She came up against blocks in herself and found ways to work through them so that she could paint with ease and grace.  She now shares this experience through her workshops.
Over the past five years Malindi has studied with master visionary artists Luis Tamani, Daniel Mirante, Kuba Ambrose, Vanessa Lemen and Lili Acuna.
This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. It will suit those with an open mind who are ready to release blocks and tap into their deepest self.
You will need paint brushes in different sizes from tiny 0.0 round brush for detail, to small flat brushes size 0, to medium flat brushes and round brushes, and at least one large flat brush (like the size you might use to paint a wall).
Acrylic paints in various colours (additional paints and colours will be provided) including white and at least blue, red and yellow, but bring as many colours as you can.
Bring a canvas around A3 size and an easel if you have one.  The easel is not essential if you don’t have one.
A packed lunch and your yoga mat.  This event shall be hosted in The Barn, Donard, Co. Wickow

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