Empath Training for Overwhelm with Julianna Jay


One-day personal development training course on managing your emotions, understanding Universal intuitive messages & clearing unwanted patterns of people pleasing for the last time.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn.
  • How to ground your energy through exercise and breathwork, and deep meditation.
  • Clear others’ emotions, low vibrations, and negative energy for your auric field.
  • Learn how to use advanced self-care tools like Shungite Crystal (aka the Empaths Stone and other powerful crystals, sage, Paulo Santo, and water and sacred sound to protect the energy body and your auric field. These simple tools and techniques to clear your body energy after swallowing negative energy or healing consultations.
  • You will learn to enjoy deep mediation to strengthen your connection to Source and your guides as you connect. It is also a chance to connect with like-minded beautiful souls who are sensitive, kind, and loving like you on the path, and this will support your heart of gold.
  • This offers a life-changing look at your gift of empathy that can move you from big triggered to thriving.

Are you feeling drained from helping and caring for others?

Do you struggle feeling triggered in the company of others and especially in crowds since Covid?
Do you long to manage emotional overwhelm?
Click here to understand more.
Do this ring true to you?
Have you been described as over-sensitive as you feel deeply for the emotions of others, welling up in tears for the pain another person’s going through?
Do strangers often offload their problems, telling you the nitty-gritty of their lives, leaving you drained and flattened?
Are you a healer who does not know how to ground quickly and easily in a foolproof way that works and protects you?
Do you know how to clear dense energy you have swallowed, bouncing back quickly and efficiently into your natural rhythm and energetic flow? That was me, too, but I learned how to handle this, and I will share will you all you need to know.
Don’t worry. When awakening, being more sensitive to energy is natural.
Here’s what you need to understand!
The ascension path merges the spiritual and emotional layers of the auric field.
 This spiritual development increases your empathy and sensitivity levels as you feel at one with the energetic forces of the Universe.
As you open to your true path, you can sense negative energy in others and spaces and places a mile off.
You pick up on how people feel, often mirroring their emotions as your own.
You can read people and signs everywhere, leaving you feeling wrecked and overwhelmed.
This overwhelm can threaten your health and happiness, leaving you feeling low, anxious, exhausted, and underappreciated.
  • This empathic burnout can stop the gifted healer in you from giving healings as you worry that your energy will get swamped by other emotions leaving you feeling drained and wiped out.
Many empaths retreat socially, fearing the energetic overwhelm of crowds, family gatherings, or even spiritual groups.
Violence, shouting, injustice, harsh judgments, and emotional outbursts seep like a sponge into your energy field as you mirror the emotions of others.
Watching the news or a movie can be uncomfortable as you find yourself being able to step into the shoes of another.
If these sensitivities aren’t managed correctly, the ascension path can seem unbalancing and overwhelming, leaving you feeling drained and burnt out.
If you identify with these symptoms, it is time to get help to manage the upgraded energetic frequency you now vibrate at.
As you progress on your journey, this groundbreaking one-day workshop will teach you:
Julianna Jay is an expert in helping people to overcome empathic burnout.
As an internationally renowned soul reader and reflexologist, she has learned to find energetic harmony as a highly balanced empath.
She has spent years learning tools and techniques to mind her energy body training with experts worldwide.
Now she shares her expertise by teaching compassionate healers, counselors, nurses, and those caring for others how to maintain their energy as they awaken to the tremendous gift they hold in their hearts.


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