Fri 4th Oct 7-9pm, Channelled Healing Circle with Sally Claridge

40.00 inc. VAT



Join our international guest Facilitator Sally Claridge in the beautiful setting of Hollywood Forest Research Centre, Co. Wicklow for a channelled healing circle on Oct 4th 7-9pm.

Sally Claridge is a naturally gifted channel and healer and she works with a galactic, healing collective conscious presence that works and speaks through her.

When she moves into a trance state she embodies their high vibrational presence and this radiates out as a healing energy offering relief of physical symptoms, spiritual awakening, heightened awareness, as well as deep peace, a sense of being held and seen within a profound presence of love.

Each person will feel and experience the healing and uplifting presence uniquely for what they need at that time.

The evening will start with a general introduction followed by a guided meditation into the channelling. There will be about 20 minutes of pure healing energy when the collective will work with you personally and with the group. The collective will share spoken guidance for the group and will then invite those that want to open their eyes to connect with them more deeply, and share a personal message with them.

The evening will close with Sally sharing a one card Illumination Oracle reading for each person and some yummy chocolates.

Come with an open mind and heart!  Bring blanket, pillow and water – on from 7-9pm – doors open 15 minutes prior and close 10 minutes after start.