Mon 3rd July 6-9pm – The Nature of Sensuality – Workshop with Jonti Searll (deposit)

15.00 inc. VAT



The Nature of Sensuality – A workshop with Jonti Searll.

This shall be hosted in the beautifully located private studio Hollywood Forest Research Centre, Hollywood, Co. Wicklow – just 10 mins from our Centre.  Investment of €75 for the workshop, a deposit of €15 secures your place, balance payable on the evening.

About the Workshop:

Our true nature is to be sensual, to be intimate, to be connected.

Our true nature is to be vibrant, creative, to experience life with vitality and joy.

Our true nature is a celebration of touch, of sight, of sound, of taste, of smell, of feeling.

We’ve connected sensuality to sex, to the foreplay of sex, and there is so much more to being sensual.

Join Jonti for an evening of exploring and experiencing the limitless possibility of sensuality. We’ll talk about what Sensuality really is, so much more than just the lead-up to sex, how this is a path of awareness and spirituality, a way to become intimate with ourselves and life.

We’ll learn the Sensual Micro-Practices, how these can be moments of Body Meditation.

Through Touch, Breath, Movement and Sound we’ll connect with ourselves and another in sensuality, in a safe and gentle way.

Being more sensual, in the fullness of its meaning, helps us:

Be more present in our bodies, in life.

Be more relaxed and calmer.

Be more creative.

Have more pleasure.

Enjoy life more.

About Jonti:

Jonti Searll is a Conscious Sexuality and Tantra Teacher, based in South Africa.

He has been teaching for over 25 years.

Jonti has developed the ErosLife Video Collection, Audio and Ebooks.

He has pioneered many healing and growth programmes in embodiment and touch.

He works with people around the world on journeys of healing, growth, exploration and intimacy, through workshops, retreats and private sessions.