6th- 8th Oct – Nir Levi Guest Therapist- Private Sessions – Deposit

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Nir return this October to Ireland to offer one to one sessions, exclusively at Lake Shore.  Private sessions are 60 mins in duration and are €110.  A deposit of €27.50 secures your appointment, balance payable on the day.  Once booked, we shall confirm your time slot, or if you prefer you can contact Yvonne on 087 0528192 by call/text to confirm your timeslot in advance of booking.

The Nir Levi Method treatment is based on one of the oldest healing arts in the world – the Anma. It is a bodywork that originated in China 5000 years ago as part of the traditional Chinese medicine and is based on the philosophy of ‘Taoism’, the model of ‘Yin and Yang’ and the Chinese ‘5 element’s theory.

About The Nir Levi Method:

In my work I adopted the pragmatic approach of the healing process, I understand that under the advanced being that we are, there is a hidden animal with hidden needs, this animal has been developed through natural selection of nature for millions of years. For millions of years this animal lived according to the objective nature that surround him, and the subjective emotional system inside of him, he accepted and respected life in nature. But that have been changed.

Started approximately 70,000 years ago the Homo sapiens started a process that made him the dominant animal in this planet, he has advanced himself in so many ways, and he started a process of separating himself from the animal kingdom and nature.

As we are dealing with health and well being, we cannot judge any of the advancement humanity made in the last 70000 years, we choose to relate to the process of life as movement, and not as a good or a bad thing, but we cannot ignore that for this advancement we pay a high price in our emotional and physical body, and surprisingly this process made us the sickest animal in Nature.

When we ask ourselves how the most advanced animal can become the sickest one, we will need to find what is separating us from other animals in Nature, and learn how did we conducted ourselves throughout our history.

We are the only animal in Nature that can imagine, we created through our imagination all our beliefs, culture and societies, our countries, our gods and much more. These invented imaginary aspects of our lives preventing us from living according to the laws of Nature, respecting the constant movement of Nature (action-reactions) and of ourselves.

Nature is a moving mechanism, for it to exist it needs to be in constant movement, humans are part of nature, and they need to be in constant movement all the time (externally and internally), when we stop our movement, we create a stagnation, this stagnation is a little local death that will be developed gradually to a sickness (physical and emotional).

The internal necessity of the body is to express, expression is a movement that any animal in Nature is doing for releasing stagnant energy.

Humans have been blocking their ability to express due to the distance they took from nature. Those blockages reduce the function of the immune system in the body and contributing to the reason that making us the sickest animal in Nature.

The Nir Levi Method has been developed in order to help humans restoring the ability of expressions, and to igniting movement in the stagnations of life.

The Art of the Abdomen in the Nir Levi Method

The art of the abdomen is originated from the Japanese Ampuku (Anpuku – The Anma of The Abdomen), the word Ampuku means “The Pulse of the Hara” or “Calming the Abdomen” The original Ampuku have been created by the Japanese master Ota approximately 400 years ago, it has been created with the belief that all body ailments can be treated from the front side of the body. Master Ota created different exercises that answer all the needs of the body, followed him came the Japanese master Goto that add different techniques to the Ampuku arsenal. The modern abdomen work that we use in this program contains some traditional work combine with an emotional approach that considering humans as part of nature, the power of the evolution process and human behavior in the modern era.

There are two major methods of Abdomen work in The Nir Levi Method, the physiological method that treats the pathologies of the body, and the emotional method who deals with the roots of the pathologies, manifesting the energetic blockages and the emotional difficulties.

The evaluation system of The Nir Levi Method is the ‘’body reading system” according to the five great elements of nature. It is an elaborated system that connects humans back to nature. The system is based on accumulated knowledge from the Tibetan Buddhism philosophy and medicine, with a combination of modern psychology and the understanding of human behavior and human evolution.

Nature is constructed from five major elements:

Earth Water Fire Air Wood

Human is constructed from the same elements. Each element represents a different kind of energy in the human body. For example, the earth represents the base, the family, the earlier relationships and the sexuality. The water represents the emotions, the creativity Etc.

There are no diseases in nature but sick people. The disease is part of the human personality.

In order to get healthier in a physical and emotional level, humans must make changes in their behavior patterns, or changes of positioning in their everyday life.

We are addicted to their disease, and even if we consciously want to let the disease go and get healthier, our subconscious fights against this will. In the Nir Levi Method therapy, we are dealing with this gap, between the subconscious and the conscious. We try to help the person to create movement in his life, and to let go the addiction or the disease.

As mentioned before, the Master that influences more the work of the abdomen is Ota, he lived approximately 400 years ago, and he is the one who separated the Anma abdomen work, into an art name Ampuku, he saw a possible way to influence the well being of the body concentrating at the front parts, he created an elaborated system of evaluation and bodywork techniques that effect all necessities of the body, for that he will always be recognized as one legendary and of the most important teachers in Japan.

Followed Ota was one of his student’s name Goto, an especially important Master in the evolution of the Ampuku in Japan, his main contribution was the elaborated and very efficient shooting techniques that are being used by any Ampuku practitioner around the world.


The Anma in the Nir Levi Method

An – pressing Ma – rubbing

Known by the traditional name: “A relaxed arm movement”

The Anma is one of the oldest healing arts in the world, the art originated in China approximately 5000 years ago; it is based on the philosophy of Taoism, the model of “Yin and Yang” and the Chinese “5 elements theory”.

Approximately 1500 years ago, the Anma arrived at Japan by worrier’s monks that have been sent by the emperor, to bring different Chinese arts that will enrich the Japanese culture.

In Japan, the Anma has been adjusted to the Japanese culture and to the locals needs. The form of Anma that we practice today is the Japanese one. Many of the healing arts we know today, like Shiatsu, Tuina, Swedish massage and more are based on the Anma.

Anma is based on “traditional Chinese medicine”. The therapist is using different kinds of stimulation techniques on the Qi points, which are located on the meridian system of the body. The therapist will use a large variety of exercises and stretches on all parts of the body. The main purpose of the work is to stimulate the Qi points, release muscle tension, create energy movement in the meridians system of the body, create a better blood circulation and Qi circulation and improve the body ability to heal itself.

The Anma can be used as a preventive treatment, or to treat problems such as: headaches, cold, asthma, numbness in the body, high and low blood pressure, digestive problems, breathing problems, gynecological problem


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