Sat 11th June 10am – Nataraj Conscious Dance Workshop with Geeta


NATARAJ – Dance & Presence Meditation in Motion, a workshop with international guest therapist Geeta, who travels from Brazil to host this workshop in Lake Shore Wellness Centre, on Saturday June 11th from 10am-1pm.

This workshop creates the atmosphere for us to dive into Nataraj, the energy of Dance, encouraging us to move, explore, breath, feel, express… Till the energy of Dance is awakened inside and we can let go, ride the wave, enjoying, observing where it takes us in each moment. A journey back home to our alive, joyful, clear and peaceful center.

BENEFITS – Nataraj can support reduction of stress, relaxing the nervous system, increasing energy levels, bringing vitality and diminishing depression and anxiety symptoms. As a meditation practice, it promotes emotional health and well-being, enhances self-awareness, mental clarity, inner balance. But above all, Nataraj is the invitation to consciously come back home, closer to our true, authentic Self and to learn more and more to be in life in tune with this natural, clear center, full of wisdom, love, joy and peace.



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