Sat 1st April – Alchemical Tarot Reading with Adrienne Murphy (deposit)




Seeking clarity in matters of love, career, life direction? Or just some insight on the energiescurrently around you?

Investment €80 for 60 minute private reading, €15 deposit secures your appointment.

Look no further. Adrienne is a witch and an alchemist who has spent three decades studying andpracticing the Hermetic spiritual tradition of healing, transformation, integration and magick, of which Tarot is an integral part.

With a strong grounding in Jungian concepts of the unconscious, Adrienne’s readings gently connectclients to their own inner guidance. Wise, hidden parts of ourselves are invited to communicate withour conscious minds through the symbolism of the cards.
Adrienne’s readings are known for their prescience, humour and sensitivity. Using her skilful andexperienced interpretative hand to divine the ancient beauty and wisdom of the Tarot, she guidesclients towards their own revelations.


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