Sat 8th April – Soul Reading & Healing with Julianna Jay (deposit)




Soul Reading with Julianna Jay – Saturday 8th April  – €150

(A non-refundable booking deposit of €30 to secure the booking, balance due on the day)

A soul session is an opportunity to seek divine inspiration, insights and answers from your guides to specific questions that are confusing you, hurting you and weighing on your heart and mind.

If you seek pure guidance from Source that you can trust, Julianna Jay, “The soul illuminator”, will open a sacred space for you to commune with your soul and tune into the sacred words that she hears. She forms these words into a channelled letter of love and empowerment known as signposts from the soul. This letter is laced with golden nuggets of soul wisdom which forms the basis of an unforgettable channelled divine counselling session. During your soul session, you will find comfort in objective, non-judgemental, supportive guidance delivered with grace from Source through your soul. These words of truth make sense without turning your world upside down as they are aligned with your soul’s internal guidance system and intuition.

Julianna Jay is a spiritual mentor, Soul Reader and heavenly messenger. She guides you to uncover and live your life purpose in a way that lights you up. She is passionate about teaching people to awaken the divine feminine gifts of intuition by connecting with the angels daily. She is living proof that you can make great life choices and thrive when creating your heaven on earth.

Her high vibration energy supercharge booster will set you further along your spiritual path, empowering you to be light and fly as you nurture your true nature.

Once your booking deposit is paid, we shall confirm the time allocation for your session, or you can email in advance to confirm your time slot before booking.  Thank You


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