Sarah McDermott

Other Services

  • Physical & Massage Therapist
  • Thai Compress Massage
  • Pregnancy / Post Netal Massage

I have, at a minimum, two people to thank for my current and loved career - My Granny and My Partner. My Granny always had a natural home-made remedy for what “ailed ya” - blackcurrant and honey tea for a cough, epsom salts baths for aches and pains, rosemary rinse for dandruff or, simply, glowing hair. My interest in complimentary solutions to everyday health problems was born from these remedies. When I had my own family I used these and other complementary therapies, like herbal medicines and aromatherapy, to help us through.  

My Partner encouraged me to formalise this love and interest into a profession when, after twenty years in the Corporate environment, I was given the opportunity to change career paths. I took it, and graduated in 2011 with a B. Sc. in Applied Health Sciences and Diploma’s in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. Since graduation, I have obtained qualifications in:

- Dry Needling - Pregnancy Massage for Relaxation - Pregnancy Massage for Specific Conditions - Thai Herbal Compress Massage - Massage for People living with Cancer - Tailored Massage for People with Disabilities - Massage for the Elderly - On-Site Chair Massage - On-Site Acupressure Chair Massage

As all my treatment plans are tailored around the client’s need to return to health AND to their busy life - their family, their sport, their job - the additional qualifications I have allow me to include a combination of Physical Therapy, Complimentary manual therapy techniques and Rehabilitation exercises into these plans. This allows me to offer therapy services to everyone, including those with special healthcare needs.

I am fully insured and fully mobile making me available for Home Visits and On-Site Corporate days or events. I am a member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists (IAPT), the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA) and I am awaiting registration with CORU, the government body regulating Irish Health Professionals. As a member of IAPT and IMTA your Health Insurance many cover the full or partial cost of your treatments. Please check with your health insurance provider.

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